The role of spirituality in yoga.

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Learning from the past:

Even though previous articles have shortly mentioned the spiritual side of yoga (Melo Yoga talks about cultural appropriation). The next logical step is to dive deeper into how yoga can reconnect us all on a more intimate level with our spirit.

As previously mentioned in earlier articles. Yoga including its philosophies and teachings of yoga was slurred by ‘The West’ upon its migration from its origin, to around the world. Yet, In spite of the negativity, here we are today! Now is the time to explore how yoga can improve our sense of spirituality.

Why the spirit is important?

Yoga represents more than a physical form of exercise. What makes yoga special? Simply, it is its ability to introduce us to our spirit. It opens the door to us unlocking our deepest thoughts and feelings. Whilst being able to do so in our own time and at our own pace. Yoga is full of deep history from its humble beginning to a new world of the living. Which, we use science to now explain the benefits of yoga.

Science and the spirit:

There is a limit to the current depth of research on this subject. Yet, the partial research available is positive. A review from 2021 discovered practicing yoga led to a few particular improvements. These include searching for wisdom, finding a sense of worth, and learning how to be happy within ourselves. Anybody who engages with people at work, can use yoga as a means to improve their professional development. Taking the time to learn yoga postures and breathing techniques is key. Learning how to better understand how to express oneself can help when engaging with clients.

Professional settings are not the only limit to which yoga can have an effect. Everyone benefit from practicing yoga! Yoga can help us all learn how to better express oneself. As well as a way to feel more confident in expressing our feelings to friends, family and peers. Through this article, it is important to understand how vital yoga can be for the mind and to enable a sense of connection, to our centre and those around us.

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