How to improve your health 10 minutes at a time.

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Learning new habits:

Devoting your time to something new and challenging can often be disheartening in the beginning. But once you get the hang of things it starts to be a highlight of your day. There are things we typically enjoy on a daily, such as binge-watching addictive new series on Netflix. As fun as those things are, they wouldn’t be classified as something necessarily beneficial for our health. An important new thing in my life that changed just my daily outlook and mood from day-to-day is some morning yoga!

Performing yoga should be something that energises us during the day, instead of exhausting us. The euphoric feeling after a good workout is something that makes us feel more youthful, fresh and vital. Exercise can be as little as just over 10 daily minutes of yoga, which can help improve the quality of your daily living. So, how exactly does yoga improve your health?

Improving your health:

An intriguing study from 2016, discovered that performing a daily twelve-minute bout of yoga can improve your quality of life. This consists of a few specific poses including the tree, bridge, supine hand-to-foot, and locust. As a result, these poses significantly led to improvements in raising bone mineral density (BMD) in the spine and hips. Above all, increasing BMD is beneficial for reducing the risk of osteoporosis in the future. The NHS labels osteoporosis as a debilitating condition that weakens the structure of the bones making them weak and brittle. In other words, prevention is important as Osteoporosis affects over two million people in the UK and every year 70,000 people suffer hip fractures.

Statistically, women tend to be more likely to suffer from osteoporosis later in life. One major factor is menopause, due to the decline in hormonal balance in the body, reducing the levels of bone mineral density. To clarify, the condition is something we all want to prevent of course. So, what could possibly be easier for battling against that, than a simple twelve minutes a day stretching in the morning?! Maybe before your morning coffee or walking the dog? Now is the time to use our free time for good and make a positive change to our lives.

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